02 December, 2007

If you remember I asked you one question a month ago...

How would You like to Refresh yourself Everyday?

Wow!..wonderful replies from all of you.

One says: "Cool breeze in a half a sunny day with a glass of juice in the balcony .. and listening to some nice melodies"

Other says: "With Having a cup of Tea or Coffee (whatever) & an inspirational book", "Go to Gym". While many of them would like to pray!....etc.

But in common everybody wants to be ENTERTAINED by one way or the other. It could be a Humor, A warm touch of a child or a spouse,:-) An Inspirational thought, Oh..An early Call from a desparate Customer to give an order....countless ways..

So I thought, How can I take an initiate to entertain you with my way?

And the answer came as this 'REFRESHING DAILY' Blog. A Place where you will be entertained by many ways. You will get of course Jokes, Short inspirational stories, Business Tips, Ideas Pop-up questions/survey, Cool images or even movie Clips.....

So, let us start our journey. Bookmark this page: http://refreshingdaily.blogspot.com

And Oh YES! Don't forget to do 2 things at least.
First, Feed me with your comments and
secondly, feed this Blog by clicking one of the ads you see this right side. You will be Refreshed for FREE...almost everyday.


Paresh said...

First of all C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S for starting youu blog.

I will visit it daily and sure that i will be refresed.

Thank you

Paresh Jani

kaushambi said...

Hey bhai mane pan sikhadavo blog chalu karavanu :)

Hu pan Bachhan k tamara karata ochhi nathi.

Any way its soo nice.

How can i daily visit your blog? Please let me know.

Good morning.